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How Calm Are You?

Close your eyes and think about a time you reacted to a situation you could have handled better.

What if you had taken a moment before you reacted to process your emotions and think about your next move?

How many times have you responded without thinking about what was blurting out of your mouth? (for me it's every day lol).

How are you reacting when someone else speaks disrespectfully to you? Wishing you had more patience in that moment?

Think how peaceful the world would be if everyone thought more intentional, positive, calmer and was able to regulate their emotions. Responding in a calm manner promotes more calm from the other person. Communicating between one another without judgement, competition or needing to get the last word in could change the world.

Today, April 5, is International Calm Day. To be intentional with our emotions and reactions can have an endless impact, like a ripple effect, on everyone we encounter. In one day, so many people can experience calmness, positivity and see more kindness and smiles. What could be better than that?

Being more calm in life can help soothe negative thoughts and emotions and be used to help lower stress, anxiety and even chronic pain. Health and wellness is a domino effect, everything affects and impacts one another. If a person can't regulate their emotions, they can become stressed. Prolonged stress can decrease sleep and increase risk of cancer and heart disease. They key is to find the source. In this example, learning how to be calm is the source that can help prevent heart disease, lack of sleep and cancer.

Today is a great day to have a great day. Stay calm.

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